Process driven SAP


Seize the benefits of managing your SAP implementation via a process-driven approach

Benefits of Process-Driven SAP Solution
Effective SAP implementations
Faster implementation and roll-out, higher quality and fewer change requests. The combination of proven methodology, specialized software and ready-to-use content is aimed towards achieving faster time-to-value. Reduced time and cost of process definition, implementation, operation, monitoring and optimization –overall project times slashed by up to 40%.
Enterprise-wide cooperation of Business and IT
Business units involved and engaged during the entire lifecycle, from blueprint to go-live, therefore ensuring process environments are well-understood across the Organization. Functionality to connect SAP BI data flows with business process descriptions based on business requirements.
IT-supported governance
A single service repository for fast search of services relevant to specific business processes. Global access to process models and related documentation and process content published using a single platform.
Cost-effective integration with non-SAP applications and trading partners
Extend the benefits of your SAP NetWeaver investment and avoid time-consuming and costly recoding while at the same time guaranteeing continuity of operations through a non-invasive approach.
Actionable real-time visibility within SAP and across end-to-end processes
Instant access to critical Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) through extensive live reporting. Capability analysis enables issue resolution by examining root causes and uncovering trends and patterns related to underlying process inefficiencies.

We help businesses seize the benefits of their SAP investment and maximize the integration capabilities of their ERP solution. Through our extensive experience and the utilization of SAP reference processes, SPIRIT and our SAP-certified partners can help your business develop a detailed business blueprint (based on advanced process models) and support your SOA initiatives with the exclusive bidirectional ARIS-SAP Enterprise Services Repository (ESR) link.


We work with you to define accurate ‘as-is’ and ‘to-be’ states for your business model, manage your gap analysis, adjust your operational behaviour and align your configuration with industry best practices, ensuring a fast and cost-effective SAP implementation with minimum system customization and controlled by a robust authorization design.


We can also manage the complete set of all related technical documentation (including documentation of reports, forms, interfaces, workflows and extensions) and associate them with the appropriate business areas, making impact-analysis easier than ever.


Document your existing SAP system

The ARIS Redocumentation Solution can equip your business with a valuable insight of your existing SAP system functionality, through automatic creation of process models based on real usage data. It is now possible to obtain an accurate as-is snapshot of your SAP solution and speed up upgrades or change projects by re-documenting complex, heavily customized SAP implementations. Furthermore, you can assess conformity of the developed solution to initial requirements and support strategic initiatives and important decisions by providing a complete and accurate picture to your business stakeholders.


Initiate a process-centric SAP implementation solution

Initial strategic and scoping decisions can be easily translated into functional requirements, forming the basis for your system specifications. Synchronizing your process model with SAP Solution Manager will bridge the gap between business owners and IT functions, allowing for a combined and consistent effort.


Integrate your SAP with non-SAP applications and trading partners

The webMethods for SAP software is a functionally rich and cost-effective alternative to the SAP XI, ideal for those SAP customers who are looking to integrate non-SAP applications and trading partners with components of their SAP NetWeaver architecture. It includes access to a broad range of adapters and eStandards for best-in-class integration between SAP and third-party environments (i.e. custom applications or external partners systems).


Integrate your SAP with non-SAP applications and trading partners

Business Intelligence (BI) is your competitive advantage and ARIS BI Modeler can assist you in capturing existing data structures and flows or design new entity relationships for your existing SAP BI Landscape. Combining this with real time monitoring of your overall business performance, supported by webMethods Optimize for SAP, can provide unparalleled transparency and control to your decision makers. Live execution data from your end-to-end business processes can become available through standard reports and customizable dashboards, allowing for analyses that will highlight any bottlenecks and weak points of your processes.

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