Model To Execute


From Modeling to Automation: bring your processes to life with reliable process execution software

Benefits of our Model-to-Exectue Solution
Enhanced operational efficiency
Automated system steps and guided human interactions throughout the business processes.
Early problem identification and effective SLAs management
Business activity monitoring and proactive problem alerts allow for early identifications of client problems and effective management of SLAs.
Agile adaptation to volatile market conditions
Rules management guides business users to make changes without affecting the underlying infrastructure, in order to effectively tackle changing market and competitive conditions.
Acceleration of new project delivery
Advanced simulation and rapid user interface development accelerates delivery of new business projects.
Cost and time savings
Intelligent search and reuse of existing assets such as existing processes and web services, significantly reduces the cost and time of deployment.
Realization of expected ROI
Industry best practices and business case analysis of your technical BPM project enable realization of your expected ROI.

While the ARIS Analysis and Design Platform is ideal for distributed modeling, simulation, optimization and publishing of business processes, a more specialized set of tools is needed for bringing your processes to life via process execution. This need is addressed by the evolution of Business Process Management Systems (BPMS).


SPIRIT offers end-to-end (i.e. business to IT) technical applications and solutions, through the synergy of the ARIS Platform with the following BPMS:

  • webMethods – SPIRIT is Associate Partner for Greece and Cyprus of Software AG
  • IBM Websphere
  • Oracle

A complete integration of two different environments: What makes the software synergy of the ARIS Platform (for process analysis and design) and the webMethods BPMS (for process execution) unique in the market is the ‘Model to Execute’ capability that provides a round-trip integration of the two environments.


Model-to-Execute is a model-driven approach to BPM, where business analysts perform the initial business process analysis (BPA) in ARIS and the same processes are then executed using webMethods.


This comprehensive solution enables a perfect alignment between all stakeholders involved in the process improvement lifecycle around common and achievable business goals such as:

  • Establish efficient processes that align business and IT around organizational goals.
  • Define role-based workflows that address who should do what and when.
  • Implement new business processes based on specified IT specs and vice versa.
  • Enable a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) to build new processes faster.

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