Process Intelligence


The ability to make informed decisions based on accurate, meaningful, real-time data is a key competitive advantage for your Business

Benefits of our Process Intelligence solution
Strategic process knowledge
Gain accurate and in depth knowledge of your business and continuously monitor KPIs and Service Level Agreements (SLAs) via strategic management dashboards.
Proactive problem-solving
Manage process deficiencies with analysis of historical process KPIs and resolve problems before live operations are impacted. Optimize team and collaboration structures using organizational analyses
Efficient forward-planning
Identify event patterns, trends, and exceptions and pinpoint process pains as well as best practices to facilitate informed decision-making.

Mapping your “as-is” in order to understand how your business operates at this point in time is the starting point for improvement and optimization. A more advanced approach involves the use of sophisticated software to monitor the execution of your processes, live, using triggers from your systems.


SPIRIT’s Process Intelligence solution seamlessly integrates advanced technologies such as Business Intelligence (BI), Business Activity Monitoring (BAM), Complex Event Processing (CEP) and Business Process Management (BPM), through the combined use of specialized process intelligence and performance monitoring tools.


Process Intelligence delivers an unprecedented combination of corporate and process control through the monitoring and analysis of strategic, tactical and operational KPIs (e.g. time, cost or quality related indicators). If your KPI’s aren’t where you need them to be, our solution enables you to take corrective actions proactively, before your live operations are impacted.


We support your business all the way, from the definition of meaningful KPIs (e.g. process cycle times, response times, % of failed transactions, cost/time benchmarks, different Service Level Agreements (SLAs) etc.) to the execution of sophisticated analyses of day-to-day processes, tailored to your specific needs. State-of-the-art software is used to both monitor (i.e. measure and evaluate) operational performance of daily activities in real-time and to identify process weaknesses (such as bottlenecks).


In addition, SPIRIT uses specialized software (ARIS Mashzone) to create custom, illustration performance dashboards (graphical mash-ups) that depict your company’s specific performance KPIs -ideal for reporting to top management.


Irrespective of the scope of your PI initiative (i.e. monitoring end-to-end processes or specific (sub) process areas), you will be in a strategic position to benchmark against ‘best and worst practices,’ identify problematic areas early on and ultimately design appropriate interventions for their timely improvement.

Do you feel you business is not “ready” for Process Intelligence but you still wish to start your Operational Excellence journey?
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