Custom ARIS Portals


Enable the efficient communication of your end-to-end processes across your entire Business, via your preferred look and feel portal

Benefits of our Portal Customization
Alignment with the corporate identity in all business functions ensures consistency and strengthens the employees’ relationship with the company.
Providing easy and fast access to the company’s process repository to retrieve information such as process instructions or product details enables your company’s employees to work more efficiently and effectively.

ARIS Business Publisher guarantees permanent, low-cost availability of process information or IT architectures via Web-based process portals. Due to rights-based and role-based access to process models, content is only displayed to the relevant target group. This prevents users from being overwhelmed and protects critical process knowledge. All portal content is dynamically generated when the user signs in, minimizing export times and guaranteeing up-to-the-minute process information for decision-making.

ARIS Business Publisher comes with a default layout and set of functionalities. However, the environment is fully customizable to enable pure adaptation to your specific needs.
SPIRIT’s Technical Consultants and Software Engineers develop custom portals based on ARIS Business Publisher technology, tailored to the ‘look and feel’ of the client, for the purpose of publishing selected process information from the ARIS database, according to specific requirements. Such specialized services include:

> Configuration of ARIS Business Publisher’s default layout, using Java technologies.

> Configuration of ARIS Business Publisher’s user interface, in terms of functionality and content appearance. For instance:

  • Implementation of custom “news & updates” page
  • Implementation of custom favorites page
  • Implementation of custom search functionality
  • Multilingual support for ARIS method items (e.g. model types, object types etc)
  • Implementation of combined views of data 
  • etc


> Single Sign On (SSO) functionality: automatic user sign-in without entering user credentials on each login. ARIS Business Publisher provides an incorporated mechanism for reading users from a central LDAP directory (such as Active Directory), which will be configured and tested in real conditions.
> Automatic Portal Exporting functionality (web export): implementation of an automated procedure (ARIS script) for publishing information to the ARIS portal according to your schedule.

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