ARIS Reports & Semantic Checks


Gain value from your process repository with advance reporting tailored to your needs

Benefits of our Custom Reports & Semantic Checks
Reporting is based on custom configuration/conventions
Reporting is developed according to the company’s specific requirements
Easier quality checking of processes to ensure compliance with the process conventions


ARIS Platform offers by default a wide set of functionalities to evaluate the content of the ARIS repository (e.g. run reports and analyses at the group, model, or object level of the ARIS metamodel). There are more than 100 predefined standard reports, which can be used for documentation (e.g. export of process graphic along with the process description in table or text format) as well as for controlling purposes (e.g. export contents of processes for spell checking).

Moreover there are several features that provide behind-the-scenes “intelligence” for assessing and evaluating the quality of processes modeled in the tool. Semantic Checks are used to ensure correct modeling by examining the models using sets of defined rules. A rich set of standard semantic checks and rules are supplied with ARIS.
ARIS Platform provides an efficient scripting functionality that allows the adaptation of reports and semantic checks to each customer’s corporate design standards and specialized requirements.
SPIRIT’s Technical Consultants and Software Engineers develop custom ARIS Scripts (using Javascript and Java) to extract information from the ARIS Database. The output files can be of different formats (e.g. Word, Excel, PDF, HTML etc) according to client-specific needs and requirements. Examples of different types of reports include:

  • Organizational analysis
  • Role definitions
  • Product catalogue and characteristics
  • IT information (e.g. Servers documentation)
  • Documents registry
  • Archives registry
  • Detailed process manual, that can be used for training purposes (e.g. table of activities, roles, data and systems involved, table of risks and the relevant controls etc)
  • High level process documentation (i.e. for business process re-engineering purposes)
  • BPM project statistics (e.g. number of processes per process area / status, etc)
  • Risk Management registry
  • Relevant KPIs registry

Additionally, SPIRIT’s technical team offers specialized services for the customization of semantic checks such as:

  • Customization of Semantic Check rules:

    – Allocation Rules for checking allocations of objects of one type to objects of another type based on defined relationship types.
    – Existence Rules for checking how frequently objects of a specific type that have been created in source models of a specific type also occur in target models of specific types.
– Structure Rules for checking the relationships and structures within one or more models.

  • Development of custom semantic check profiles.
  • Export of Semantic Check results to external files (i.e. Word, PDF, Excel etc).
  • Graphical indication of semantic check errors on the models in ARIS.
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